Novelty Documents

With the advent of the internet, novelty documents moved out of the back alleys and became available to millions of consumers around the world!  Now with a few clicks of a mouse, you too can purchase just about any type of novelty document you desire - diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, baptismal certificates, paycheck stubs and more!  Although many people look at novelty documents as being "shady", there are many legitimate uses for them such as replacement of a lost or destroyed original, for display purposes, for motivational purposes, or even for gag gifts!  And what most people do not realize is that in almost all cases, it IS legal to purchase and own these type of documents, just as long as you do not use them to misrepresent yourself or commit fraud of any kind.  You will find that the price can range from just a few bucks for a novelty item on eBay, to hundreds of dollars for "replica" college documents.  There are vendors from all parts of the world and many right here in the United States.  This novelty document provider offers fake diplomas and transcripts as well as birth certificates.  Check them out, or do your own Bing search for whatever novelty document you desire and you will find hundreds of providers just a click away!